Comprehensive B2B Marketing Analysis & Strategy

Make Goose’n’Moose your trusted partner in devising clear, effective and insightful B2B Marketing strategies across the UK.

What Does a B2B Marketing Analysis & Strategy Workshop Consist of?

In-depth B2B Marketing Analysis

  • We conduct 2-3 interviews with key stakeholders.
  • Then we recreate and examine your business model canvas.
  • Finally, we identify the direct impact of marketing efforts on reaching customer segments and communicating unique value propositions.

Competitor and Market Analysis

  • We analyse direct and indirect competitors.
  • Then, we examine market trends, possible threats and opportunities.
  • Additionally, we evaluate similar offerings and businesses potentially influencing market share.

Audit of Current Marketing Activities

  • We will then investigate both the quality and quantity aspects of your current B2B marketing efforts.
  • This includes SEO evaluation, advertising efficacy and social media presence analysis.
  • We will collect insights across all client and competitor channels.

Your 5-day B2B Marketing Strategy Journey

Day 1

Stakeholder interviews preparation, execution and transcription.

Days 2-3

In-depth analysis of interview insights, competitor study and market overview.

Days 4-5

Strategic planning, combining insights, data and plans using SOSTAC.

B2B Marketing Strategy Workshop: Deliverables and Final Cost


Clear Strategic Direction for Your Marketing Efforts.

Detailed Marketing Plan of How to Get There.

Fixed Investment of £2,000 From Start to End.

Ready for a Real Change?

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