B2B Content Creation

At Goose’n’Moose, our approach to content creation and execution is as straightforward as it gets: no fluff, just quality, well-structured content that speaks to your audience.

Our B2B Content Creation Process

Our goal when following the process below is original, expert-backed content. While secondary research can supplement details, we believe in grounding our content in firsthand insights. Your input is limited to just one expert interview. From there, our copywriters transcribe, shape and optimise the content, ensuring it is not only rich in information but also SEO-friendly, aligning with on-page content optimisation best practices.

Topic Agreement

Either you provide a topic, or together we shortlist options that align with your brand, audience and current needs.

Creation of Content Skeleton

Our content writers draft a skeleton and develop questions for deeper exploration.

Interview With a Subject Matter Expert

We conduct a 30-minute interview with a relevant expert from your team to dive deep into the topic.

The Types of B2B Content We Deliver

We specialise in producing mid to long-form content including:

Web Pages

Case Studies

Technical Articles


Digital PR Articles

Not Just Long Form Content Creation

While our primary focus rests on delivering stellar mid to long-form content, we are adept at supporting short-form content needs as well, including webinars, webcasts, and podcasting.

In essence, our content execution service ensures you convey your expertise and value to your audience, with minimal effort and maximum impact.

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