B2B Event Management

Goose’n’Moose can support you with coordinating your participation at industry conferences and exhibitions. We also provide end-to-end project management for in-house events.

Event Support for Sponsors and Exhibitors

When it comes to B2B marketing execution and sales enablement, corporate events are the cherry of the cake. Large conferences and exhibitions are the fastest way to start, build and nurture personal relationships with prospective clients. It’s also an engagement that comes at a significant cost. Sponsoring a conference or exhibiting at a trade show can cost £10,000 at a minimum. So there is no space for last-minute improvisation and lack of coordination.

We have over 10 years of experience in supporting sales teams at industry conferences and exhibitions. From small 100-people events to the largest Gartner gatherings (5,000+ delegates), we know every detail inside out and will take care of it, so you don’t have to.

Booth Design and Production

Brand Representation – Giveaways, Outfits & More

Content Delivery - Print, Video, Digital Materials

Networking Ice-breakers

Logistics To/From The Event

Pre-Scheduling Meetings

Delegate Data Capture

Social Media Coverage

Post-Event Campaigns

Event Support For Delegate-Only Teams

Joining a conference or a trade show as a sponsor is expensive. Smaller teams are unable to afford this level of engagement but there is more than one way to make the most out of a corporate event. We can support you with coordinating:

Networking Ice-breakers

Logistics To/From The Event

Pre-Scheduling Meetings

Brand Representation

Social Media Coverage

Post-Event Campaigns

In-House Event Management

Small-scale (up to 100 attendees) in-house corporate events allow you to be in the pilot seat and reach your prospective clients with the content you want them to see and hear. All without the distractions and fight for attention at large conferences. Sounds good? The catch is how much preparation and project management you need in order to make an in-house event a success. We can help you in this process end-to-end by taking care of:

Event Theme, Topics and Format

Securing Venue, Catering and AV Setup Specs

Event Giveaways, Branding and Print Materials

Securing Speakers and Content

Logistics To and From the Event


Managing the Attendee Registration Process

Event Promotion

Event Staffing

Content Creation

Overseeing All Event Activities in Real Time

Post-Event Communications Support

Event Performance Reporting

How much do we charge?

Event project management can be a smooth and quick process, if all stakeholders involved make decisions efficiently. But the sheer number of variables behind every conference, trade show or in-house workshop are too many and experiencing delays is inevitable at least once. This is why we handle it as a straightforward cost and material exercise, charging £240 per workday.

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