B2B Paid Search Campaigns

Goose’n’Moose specialises in Paid Search Campaigns, specifically designed for B2B companies aiming to capture immediate demand through search engines.

We are Google Ads Search Certified!

Search Campaigns Over Display

We concentrate on search campaigns rather than display advertising or network expansion. Our primary tool is Google Ads, with capabilities extending to Microsoft Advertising for Bing and other Microsoft-run search engines. We manage these platforms either separately or through integrated campaigns, but always with a focused approach on search. Here is how we ensure a strategic and targeted campaign setup:


1. Service Selection:

We collaborate with you to choose a service to advertise that strikes the right balance: not too niche to ensure sufficient search volume and not too broad to avoid unnecessary spend. Ideally, this service should be one of your highest-margin offerings to ensure profitability from the advertising spend.


2. Ad Creation and Optimisation:

We craft two to three responsive ad variations aiming for an excellent rating by the platform’s standards, paired with a selection of transactional and highly relevant keywords.

3. Search-Focused Strategy:

Campaigns are strictly limited to search results to target users actively searching for your service, avoiding the less targeted approach of display and affiliate networks.

Ongoing Search Campaigns Management

After an initial two-week period to let the campaign settle, we enter a phase of continuous optimisation. This includes refining keyword lists, adjusting bids and ensuring budget is spent efficiently. We focus on maintaining a high optimisation score while being cautious of Google’s automated recommendations to avoid wastage.

Location targeting: Reducing Wastage

A key aspect of our service is precise location targeting. We meticulously exclude irrelevant locations to prevent unnecessary budget spend, ensuring ads are shown only in the most relevant markets.

Landing Page Optimisation

We review and suggest improvements for your landing page to enhance conversion rates from paid search traffic.

Conversion Measurement

Proper setup of tracking tools like Google Tag Manager is essential to accurately measure the effectiveness of the campaign through phone calls, form submissions and other conversion actions.

Search Campaigns Budget Efficiency

Our strategy often leans towards running a singular campaign with a larger budget rather than splitting funds across multiple campaigns, to achieve a more impactful result.

Goose’n’Moose provides a meticulous, profit-oriented approach to Paid Search Campaigns, ensuring your advertising investment is strategically focused and effectively executed.

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