B2B Social Media Execution

At Goose’n’Moose we adopt a direct and focused approach to reaching your UK-based clients on social media.

Our B2B Social Media Services

Our approach to B2B social media creative execution is direct and focused on platforms that nurture a professionally oriented audience, primarily LinkedIn. While LinkedIn remains our preferred platform, we also accommodate the usage of other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, based on our clients’ preferences.

What We Offer? A Simple and clear package.

For a flat rate of £600 you get:

4 Days of Work Per Month

Dedicated time each month focusing solely on your content.

2 Creatives Per Week

Including both content and design, aimed at engaging your professional audience effectively.

8 designs and text copies per month

A substantial volume of content to maintain a consistent presence on your chosen platforms.

Flexibility in Execution

Clients with in-house teams have the flexibility to take our final designs and copies for internal publishing.

We deliver ready-to-publish, finely crafted designs and text, ensuring your in-house team can smoothly carry out the posting process across various platforms, whether that be LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Each design is sent in 3 different sizes, so you can use the optimal dimensions per social platform without cropping and resizing.

Value-focused Services

This package is created with a focus on delivering value, providing a substantial amount of high-quality, platform-ready content at a clear, reasonable price, ensuring your B2B marketing on social media is as impactful and straightforward as possible.

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